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 Based in New York City, I provide individualized reading, writing, and math tutoring for students Grades PreK-5 in order to ignite their passion for learning. With my expertise in elementary literacy and mathematics learning, I am able to channel the most effective learning techniques to challenge, motivate and support students. Join me!



My name is Sarah Murphy and I am a great private tutor based in New York City. I am a seasoned primary years teacher with over 8 years of successfully educating students K-5.  I have worked as a a learning specialist and classroom teacher in top performing charter and public schools in the Bronx and Brooklyn and, most recently, at a private International Baccalaureate School in Mumbai, India.


My New York City based reading and math tutoring practice is informed by contemporary research on the science of reading, as well as how elementary learners develop numeracy.  I am trained as a Classroom Educator by the Orton-Gillingham Academy, which is the premier literacy intervention organization dedicated to the science of reading. 


I am equally confident in my capacity to ignite joy, confidence, and facility in mathematics for elementary students through hands-on learning, games, and coherent, differentiated instruction. 



Great Private Tutors in New York City

Hallmarks of my private reading and math tutoring include a hands-on, multi sensory approach, a balance between direct, explicit instruction and games, and building students' self-confidence as learners! 


  • Systematic phonics 

  • Reading comprehension

  • Elementary compositions

  • Handwriting, spelling, and grammar


  • Mental math strategies and number facts acquisition

  • Conceptual understanding and facility with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions 

  • Strategies for skillfully solving word problems


Brooklyn, New York

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